Germoney Token.
Cryptotize Germany.

What is Germoney?

ERC20 Crypto Token.
Made in Germany. Made for Germany.
Simple, safe and fast.

Idea in a nutshell (3 min.)
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Blockchain Technology

Germoney is based on advanced blockchain technology. The token is based on a continuously expandable list of records and uses modern cryptographic techniques, that are reliable and secure.

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Ethereum ERC20 Token

Based on the Ethereum platform, Germoney is a modern crypto token. The ERC20 token ensures fast, secure and standardized blockchain applications within a growing developer community.

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German Crypto Booster

The main goal and vision of Germoney as an affordable crypto token is to fundamentally support the development of German blockchain and crypto-cognitions. Let’s boost Germany 2018!

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Investment Opportunity

Germoney’s visionary roadmap and marketing strategies offer interested investors the opportunity to buy the token very cheaply during the ICO phase. Take the unique opportunity.

ICO pricing information.

Our ICO gives you the opportunity to purchase the first tokens at a discount of -50%.
If you are fast, you save money. In order to participate in the presale, no registration is necessary. The ICO is divided into three phases.

Tier 1 (discount -50%) Tier 2 (discount -25%) Tier 3 (regular price)
Start 18 March 2018 – 20:00
End 13 May 2018 – 20:00
Price: 30,000 / 1 ETH
Supply: 10,000,000
Start 13 May 2018 – 20:00
End 10 June 2018 – 20:00
Price: 20,000 / 1 ETH
Supply: 10,000,000
Start 10 June 2018 – 20:00
End 08 July 2018 – 20:00
Price: 10,000 / 1 ETH
Supply: 11,000,000
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ICO Review.

Just as we rely on the trust of our supporters, we are also committed to transparency. For this reason we give here some detailed information about the current token distribution process. Learn more about the full token distribution plan in the Germoney whitepaper.

   Approximately 2.000.000 Token distributed within ICO ✔

  Public tokens released

Design Idea.

Noble Colored Illustration.

The noble design of the Germoney token symbolizes a very fine silver coin with a polished plate. The central motif of the digital token shows the outline of the Federal Republic of Germany. In the middle is a symbolic "G" digitally marked, which stands for Germany. The coin background shows some of the key features of the token. The qualitative appearance is no coincidence. It stands for German thoroughness and value. This claim also applies to Germoney, the crypto token made in Germany. Note: Of course this is just an illustration. Germoney is not a real silver coin, but a digital so-called plain vanilla token.

A unique token for a unique country.

By supporting Germoney crypto token, you can get free tokens.

Vision. Progress.

Germoney team is working hard to implement a crypto vision for Germany.

The main goal and vision of Germoney token (GER) is to make the people and in a later phases also companies cryptofit and crypto intelligent and to take away existing fears and prejudices. People should know and use the new technology as they use any other website or mobile devices. For this reason, the technology has to be made accessible to the general public in a affordable way: Germoney.

In order to achieve the agreed vision of substantially spreading blockchain technology in Germany, Germoney's team is working hard to further develop the project in 2018.

  • We thought out our plan.
    Branding and domain secured.

  • 20 pages of concept.
    20 pages of opportunities

  • Tokens are created and kept in a secure Wallet, ready to be distributed to you!

  • Relevant steps are made.
    Now we need you!



Name Germoney
Symbol GER
Type ERC20
Variant PlainVanilla
Supply Details
People 41,260,825
Industry 24,756,495
Backup 16,504,330
Total 82,521,653

Crypto Team

Strong skills. Visonary plan.

Frank Apfelbacher (M.A.)

Chief Marketing Officer
Initiator & Visionary

“Let’s rock the blockchain and boost Germany together! There is so much potential.”

e-mail Frank

I am fascinated by the blockchain technology and enthusiastic with cryptocurrencies. Germoney should be a new token that helps Germany take a leading position in blockchain technology.

Steven Wendebaum (M.A.)

Chief Technology Officer
Head of Finance

“We are building something big for Germany and are looking forward to receiving your support.”

e-mail Steven
I always admire technological innovations and the people who are behind them. When blockchain technology was new I started to play around with it but I somehow missed a cryptocurrency I could identify myself with. Thats where the idea of Germoney was born.

Whitepaper: 20 pages vision, roadmap and technical features.

Fresh News.

All important news in detail here.


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