20. February 2018

Get Free Tokens

Help us to make Germoney successful. Here’s how to get free tokens if you help to support Germoney.

How to take the chance and get free Germoney token:

Step 1: Support us

Support Germoney by reporting about Germoney.

  • Write a blog article about Germoney token (reward: 1,000 token)
    • Minimum 400 words
    • Link to our website
  • Write a newspaper article about Germoney token (reward: 2,000 token)
    • Minimum 700 words
    • Link to our website
  • Videocontent and podcasts on e.g. Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion or SoundCloud
    • Standalone video or podcast about Germoney
      • 2-5 minutes (reward: 1,000 token)
      • > 5 minutes (reward: 1,500 token)
    • Speak about Germoney in our video (reward: 200 token)
  • Forum posts on e.g. reddit.com, bitcointalk.org, coinforum
    • New thread about Germoney with link to our website (reward: 500 token)
    • Reply to thread naming Germoney with link to our website (reward: 200 token)
  • Likes and shares on social media platforms e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instragram
    • Like our fanpage on Facebook and share our website publicly  (reward: 100 token)
    • Hashtag #germoney on instagram post (reward: 50 token)
  • Companies which accept Germoney
    • Implement Germoney as a payment option for your customers (reward: 10,000 token)
    • Please note that Germoney is not an official currency. However, you can voluntarily accept the tokens as a medium of exchange

Step 2: Tell us

Send an e-mail to info@germoney.cc where you tell us the following information:

Step 3: Get free tokens

Once we’ve reviewed your message, we’ll transfer the free tokens to your wallet address as your personal reward supporting Germoney.

Please note: The reward program shown here can be adjusted at any time. The amount of rewards and the ability to earn tokens can be reduced or removed at any time. Once transferred tokens remain of course in the possession of the supporter. Supporters have no legal claim to the free tokens. We reserve the right to transfer these as a voluntary consideration to all supporters.