29. January 2018

How To Buy

We are delighted that you are interested in acquiring Germoney token. With the purchase of the tokens you support our work on Germoney. On this page we want to explain you how to aquire Germoney token during the ICO. We describe two easy, fast and secure ways to acquire tokens. In simple words, there are 3 simple steps to follow.

  1. Buy Ether (ETH) ↓
  2. Transfer (ETH) to a token-wallet ↓
  3. Buy Germoney (GER) ↓

Step 1: Buy Ether (ETH)

First of all, you need to get Ether (ETH) on a token capable wallet to participate in the ICO. ETH is the currency with which you can aquire Germoney token, as it is based on the Ethereum platform. Only if you have ETH on a token capable wallet, you can swap ETH against Germoney at the current exchange rate.

If you have already ETH on a token capable wallet, continue with step 3 ↓
If you have already ETH, but not on a token-walletcontinue with step 2 ↓

If you do not have any ETH yet and do not know how to get them, we have some tips for you. You can get ETH on many pages, but we will only list some of them which we think are safe and easy to use. We recommend following coin platforms but you are free to choose others. Please note that these examples are just 3 ways to acquire ETH. You can also buy ETH on many other platforms. The moment you buy ETH on a cryptocurrency platform, you automatically have a wallet on which ETH is located.

  1. Coinbase.com (based in USA)
  2. Kraken.com (based in Switzerland)
  3. Bitcoin.de (based in Germany)

Create a profile on one of the websites mentioned above or another one where you can buy Ether. Once you are registered, go ahead and verify your account by uploading your ID. This may take several days to complete since all the documents will have to be reviewed individually. So don´t wait to long!

Once you are verified you can transfer money into the account via bank transfer or credit card, which is faster but implies higher fees. Now with the money on your account you can buy Ether (ETH). Please note that you can also buy smaler portions like 0.01 ETH. You do not have to buy a whole ETH, neither to own ETH nor to participate in the ICO.

Example: The following screenshot shows a balance of 0.1 ETH at a Coinbase ETH-wallet.


Step 2: Transfer Ether (ETH) to a token capable wallet

Great, you have ETH on a wallet. That was the hardest part. Now you have to transfer your ETH or a part of it to a token capable wallet. This is an important step because not every platform supports wallets for Ethereum based tokens. For example, if you acquired ETH on Kraken or Coinbase, there is no way to store our tokens directly in a wallet, because the large platforms on which crypto currencies can be purchased only support a few coins or tokens. Probably the most important platform that makes wallets tradable for Ethereum-based tokens is MyEtherWallet. Therefore, we now describe the procedure with MyEtherWallet.com.

2.1 Create a token capable wallet on e.g. MyEtherWallet

You need to transfer ETH to MyEtherWallet.com (this is the official wallet for ETH), to be able to participate in the ICO as it runs on the Ethereum platform only! This is also true if you want to buy Germoney (GER) after the presale phase during the ICO. If you do not have a wallet yet on MyEtherWallet, create a new wallet. This is for free, without registration and with a few clicks possible. We’ll show you the process using the following screenshots:

(click images to enlarge)

To do so register an account with MyEtherWallet.com. The first time you visit the website you have to click trough a few info pages before beeing able to start. Once you are through, choose a password and hit “Create new wallet“. On the next page you will have to download your Keystore File. With this file and your password you will be able to access your wallet anytime. So please don’t loose it. Next click on “I understand” to continue and save the private key. This provides an alternative to access your Wallet. Hit “Save Your Address” to finally create your wallet.

Now you have created your personnel wallet at my Ether. To access your wallet you have two options:

  1. using the keystore file: Select Keystore / JSON File and on the right side navigate to the keystore file you just saved. After that put your password in the field below it and hit “Unlock”
  2. using the private key: Select Private Key, put your key into the field to the right and hit “Unlock”

Once you are in your wallet you can see your account address (example). Please save this one as well. You also see your initial balance in ETH, which is at the beginning 0 Ether (ETH).

2.2 Transfer Ether (ETH) to MyEtherWallet

Once you have creaded your token capable wallet, you will have to send the ETH which you previously aquired in step 1 to the token capable wallet-address you have created in step 2.2 on MyEtherWallet. We will explain this step using Coinbase. First you need to login to Coinbase and go to “Accouts“. If you own ETH, it will be displayed as credit:

Please note that this screenshot is just the example from step 1. You can of course buy ETH at any other exchange. You do not have to buy at Coinbase.

From here, you can send ETH to your token cabable wallet/account address (MyEtherWallet). To do so, select your Ether (ETH)-wallet (on e.g. Coinbase), click on “Send” and fill in the form. The receiving wallet/address is the address on MyEtherWallet you created in step 2.2. Do not forget the amount of Ether (ETH) you wish to send.  Then “confirm” transaction.

(click images to enlarge)

Now it will take some minutes until your ETH will show up in your token capable wallet (MyEtherWallet). Due to the transaction fees incurred, not exactly the amount that has been transferred will be credited, but a little less.

Step 3: Buy Germoney (GER) for Ether (ETH)

Once ETH has arrived on your MyEtherWallet, you can buy Germoney tokens (GER). Please note: Our ICO has different discount levels (so called tiers). The exact exchange rate can be found on this page. It shows at what time which exchange rate ETH / GER applies.

Exchange Rate (Tier 1):
For 1.00 ETH you get 30,000 GER
For 0.01 ETH you get    3,000 GER

Exchange Rate (Tier 2):
For 1.00 ETH you get 20,000 GER
For 0.01 ETH you get    2,000 GER

Exchange Rate (Tier 3):
For 1.00 ETH you get 10,000 GER
For 0.01 ETH you get    1,000 GER

We describe two ways (option A and B) to buy Germoney (GER):

A) Buy on MyEtherWallet

In the upper menu of MyEtherWallet click on “Send Ether and Tokens”. You might need to login again using your password. Now fill in the form with the following crowdsale contract address:


Now fill in the amount of Ether (ETH) you want to spend and click on “+Advanced: add data”. Here you need to input the following code (this is the method ID) into the additional field:


It should look like this:

(Click image to enlarge)

Once you filled in everything correctly hit “Generate Transaction” and after that “Send Transaction”. A new windows will open asking you to confirm the transaction one last time. Click on “Yes, I am sure!”.

(Click image to enlarge)

The Germoney token will be transfered to your account in a few minutes after we received your Ether.

Congratulations! You now officially own Germoney tokens!

To check your Germoney Token in MyEtherWallet or Metamask, just add a custom token by following this instruction.

B) Buy using Metamask

Metamask is a plug-in for the Chrome browser which allows you to access your wallet and make transactions easily.

You can get the Plug-In here. Once installed, a smal fox-like icon will appear in the right upper corner of your chrome browser. To buy Germoney tokens click on “Send” and fill in the crowdsale contract address, the amount of ETH you want to spend and the transaction data. Click on “Next”.

Crowdsale Contract Address:


Transaction data (this is the method ID):


When done correctly, a new windows will open where you need to confirm the transaction by clicking on the green button “Submit“.

Congratulations! You now officially own Germoney tokens!

To check your Germoney Token in MyEtherWallet or Metamask, just add a custom token by following this instruction.

Add a custom token to see your Germoney (GER)

To see the GER tokens in MyEtherWallet you need to manually add the token. To do so go to your wallet and scroll down until you see the button “Add Custom Token“. Fill in the token contract address, GER as token Symbol and 4 decimals and hit “Save”.

Token contract address:


In Metamask the procedure is similar. Open Metamask, click on Tokens and hit “Add Token””. Here you will need to fill in the token contract address, token symbole GER and 4 decimals. Confirm by clicking on “Add”.

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