22. February 2018


Download Whitepaper

Here you can download the Germoney whitepaper. On 20 pages, we describe the key benefits, the strategic vision and core elements of the roadmap and token distribution. Convince yourself of the scientifically founded whitepaper of our ERC20 crypto token.

Download whitepaper (version 2.1.2, PDF)



  • Name: Germoney
  • Shortcut: GER
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Standard: ERC20 Plain–Vanilla Token
  • Supply: 82,521,653


  • Initiators: Frank Apfelbacher (CMO), Steven Wendebaum (CTO)
  • Whitepaper: 20 Pages
  • Slogan: Crypto token made in Germany. Simple, safe and fast.
  • Vision: Develop German blockchain- and crypto-awareness.


  • Kick-off: August 2017
  • Website: December 2017
  • Whitepaper: January 2018
  • ICO: March 2018