28. March 2018

Idea in a nutshell

No time to read whitepaper?

If you do not want to read the official Germoney whitepaper (20 pages), here you can read our vision and plan in a nutshell. You may want to go into more detail later and study our dedicated whitepaper.

Blockchain educational vision

Germoney is a new blockchain project from Germany focusing on the distribution and use of crypto tokens. The prime objective of Germoney is to bring the population of Germany closer to blockchain technology and, in particular, to dealing with cryptocurrencies. People and companies should come into contact with Germoney and get a cost-effective, easy and secure access to the groundbreaking technology. The Germoney Token (GER) is of central importance. The token will find its way into the German society and initially help to simulate transactions with high-priced cryptocurrencies. This allows the wallet, ledger and blockchain technology to be made available to the general public at low cost. At the same time, knowledge and security in dealing with the technology should be disseminated. A later scenario could be that the Germoney token is used as a medium of exchange between people and companies or directly between companies.

Technology stack

Germoney was technically designed as an ERC20 token and works on a smart contract of the popular platform Ethereum. The team around Germoney chose this platform deliberately, because the founders in Ethereum see the greatest future potential with a variety of applications.

Naming and limitation

The composition Germoney consists of the country name Germany and the term money. Germany should emphasize the relation to Germany and money represents the technical character of the token, which can be acted as an independent token like a cryptocurrency. Germoney has another relationship to Germany. The number of tokens is limited to 82,521,653. This corresponds to the German population since the last census.

ICO, token distribution, roadmap

The ICO will take place from spring 2018 and is divided into three phases. During the ICO, various discount levels are specified for the cost-effective purchase of tokens. Details of the project include a 20-page white paper, roadmap, token distribution plan, and a full-fledged website with additional information such as events and social media, as well as beginner and advanced purchasing guides. The aim of the ICO is to acquire first capital through the discounted token sale in order to successfully continue the work on Germoney. Only in this way is it possible to achieve the vision agreed upon by the founders: Germoney should make a major contribution to the substantial dissemination of blockchain technology in Germany and to contribute knowledge on the subject to society. Our crypto team is working hard to further develop the project.